Spina Electric’s Motor Management Program offers plant manager’s the cost savings of reduced warehousing requirements and reduced down time.

  • Cost reduction and continuous improvement

  • Warranty tracking for all new and repaired motors

  • Inventory reduction and management

  • Disposition and elimination of excess and obsolete motors

  • Off-site storage and maintenance of motor inventory

  • Product standardization and consolidation

  • Motor exchange program

  • Del Seal Process

  • Proprietary to Spina Electric

  • Increased efficiency through improved motor life

  • 24 Hour emergency sales and technical support

  • Guaranteed 24 hours a day/7 days per week/365 days a year

  • Associate training

Spina Electric Company fully realizes the problems that surround a motor failure on a key piece of equipment. It has been our experience that a properly maintained spare motor can keep downtime to a minimum. The following is an outline of the procedures we use for the timely delivery and pickup of your motors.

The original motors picked up from your company will be cleaned, tested, and repaired if necessary. The initial computer report will note motors that are uneconomical to repair. With this report the quantity of each type of motor will be noted. Your company will make a determination if these quantities are sufficient for their plant operation, and disposition of motors not economically repairable.

Spina Electric Company will supply you with a computer readout of readied motors, motors in repair, and burned out motors we have not received from the plant to cover spares we delivered. Business phone, beepers, and night phone numbers will be supplied when program is instated. All supervisors should have a copy of this contact

Important information needed to speed up delivery of motor - so we can stay within a 2hr. delivery to the plant:

  1. Name of person calling from plant and his beeper number, area of plant and


  2. Purchase Order to cover repair of burned out motor.

  3. Correct information on motor: HP, RPM, Frame, Make and Model Number (Name Plate information)

If this is an after-hour delivery, please notify plant guard we will be delivering to the plant and to notify caller when we get there. Please try to have motor that is in need of repair ready to return with Spina Electric when spare is delivered to plant. Remember, the burned-out motor is now the spare.

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Vibration Testing: Preventative & Predictive

Vibration Surveys provide information about the motors without interfering with the production schedules. Vibration data will enable you to prepare in advance for motor maintenance. Can be used in conjunction with MCE and Infrared to identify and eliminate possible problems.


On Line Testing


Fast and Convenient

Decrease Downtime


What can Vibration Analysis do for me? It can detect:


Bearing failure


Electrical problems


Belt drive problems

Mechanical looseness

Soft feet

Bent shafts

Air gap problems

Specialized predictive maintenance programs

Performance benchmarking

Quick turnaround for reduced down time

FREE pickup and delivery

Plant survey and inventory control analysis

Continuous improvement programs

Electronic orders processing

24 hour emergency service

Field service, start-up assistance, and preventive maintenance programs available for most industrial AC and DC drives.

Our Drives & Controls specialists can retrofit presses with AC drives to convert constant speed machines to variable speed.

Drive applications are also useful for conveyors and line tensioning.

Lines represented, serviced, and repaired

Lines represented, serviced, and repaired