The Spina Electric Sales & Support Team is trained and certified in all of the major manufacturers’ products including electric motors, drives, programmable controllers, and power transmission equipment. We cover all sizes and configurations of electric motors from spa pumps all the way up to huge industrial mill motors. The public is welcome to purchase motors and parts at our sales counter.


Our policy of continuous training and technical education pays off in various areas of expertise and conformance to IEEE, EASA, and ISO service and repair standards. We have a complete rebuild facility that does machining, windings, bearings, and whatever else is needed to restore your motor to original specifications and service readiness. We back all of our rebuild work with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. When you buy your motors from Spina, you get a lifetime of local service and support on that product. You will know that when you have a problem, Spina Electric will take care of you and that equals real value and peace of mind.

Spina Electric continuously monitors industry supply, availability, and equipment pricing to ensure that we can offer our customers the highest quality at the most competitive pricing around.

Lines represented, serviced, and repaired

Lines represented, serviced, and repaired

Spina Electric Company is an authorized distributor for Pfannenberg products including packaged liquid chillers. Ranging from sizes that are portable such as 1/2 ton, up to large 30 ton chillers, we can insure the proper capacity is available for most applications.


Each chiller model includes the pump, tank, refrigeration system and controls required for simple installation and reliable, efficient operation.


Ethylene & propylene glycol coolants with proper corrosion inhibitors are available in a variety of packaging options – both full strength and pre-mixed.


Equipment options are available to easily customize standard chillers to meet specific application requirements.


These chillers are a perfect match for Pfannenberg Series PWS Air/Water Heat Exchangers when a local source of cooling is not available.

We sell to the Public. Just send us your inquiry.  We are here to assist you.